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We pride ourselves on offering our customers products by manufacturers that possess the quality & reputation that we feel, in turn, reflect the level of quality we see in ourselves. We are an Independent Dealer of the TRANE and YORK brands, but are suppliers of all the brands listed below, which we trust implicitly and subsequently make available to our customers:

Air Conditioners

Powerful, yet energy-efficient, whole-home air conditioning systems are central systems that rely on ducts to deliver cooled air throughout the home. Air conditioning units cool refrigerants like Puron or Freon and deliver them to evaporator coils, which dissipate the refrigerant and blow cool air into the ducts for delivery throughout the home. Air conditioned homes sometimes have sealed windows because open windows disrupt the attempts of the control system to maintain constant temperature. The higher the SEER rating (up to 21), the more energy efficient based on stringent ARI cost standards.


High performance, durable furnaces keep your home warm and comfortable. If you live in a particularly cold climate, the function of your furnace is a high priority. Furnace design has advanced in recent years to be far safer & more efficient than older designs. This is the result of improvements in the burner, the ignition, the heat exchanger, and the blower motor. Furnace heating efficiency is measured by an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace.

Heat Pumps

Most high-quality heat pumps have two stages, allowing them to operate with less power longer. When teamed with a companion furnace, it creates the most economical hybrid heat system which saves you year-round. Heat pumps draw heat from the outside air into your home to warm the indoors. Many heat pumps have a booster electrical resistance heater that automatically heats outside air even more. Outside air always has heat in it - even at very low outdoor temperatures.


Radiant systems create heat and deliver it using components such as radiators that distribute the heat into the home. Boilers are a traditional radiant heat source. The perfect heat source for a home's radiant system, gas- and oil-fired boilers deliver consistent warmth without the noise and draft associated with forced air systems. The higher the AFUE percentage, the more energy efficient.

Purifiers / Filters

An air filtration system combats indoor pollution by capturing even the smallest contaminants, including allergy-aggravating particles like pollen, mold, and pet dander. Using a 4-stage process (pre-filter, charging section, grounding plates, and carbon filters) the filtration system efficiently filters and sterilizes the air. It also helps remove atmospheric dust, biological & chemical contaminants, and odors.


Heat- or energy-recovery ventilators & ventilation control systems help replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresher outdoor air to ensure that every corner of the home interior is comfortable. The average home should have at least a 0.35 ACH (air changes per hour) rating.


Whole-home humidifiers keep household moisture levels regulated from one centralized location in the home. By providing humidity control throughout the entire home, the effects of dry air such as dry skin and static zaps are reduced.

Isothermal humidifiers, which emit clean steam into an enclosed environment at normal atmospheric pressures, use electricity to provide clean steam to absorb air quicker than normal pads, thus ensuring high performance and low maintenance.

With moisture being added to the interior air, the home feels warmer so the thermostat can be lowered. Lowering the thermostat as little as 3 degrees can reduce annual heating bills by 5%.

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